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Home for good. Blue Stitch Photography, Jen Wilbur

Today is the day that we are most reminded of the tragedy  of nine eleven. We think about where we were when we heard the news. We think of the lost ones and their family. The forever changed landscape of New York City. We also think of this great country we live in. Our freedom. Our opportunity. Our own families. Today I am especially thinking of the people who serve to protect our freedoms. The sacrifice and commitment they and their families make to serve our county.  This summer, I was at the airport to photograph my friend’s husband’s home-coming from Afghanistan. And to photograph him meeting his new baby boy, for the first time. He was welcomed home by his wife,  four beautiful, growing fast children, his parents, father-in-law, nephew and sister-in law. A lump grew in my throat from the time I joined the family while we waited for his flight, and remained through the applause that started from the crowd watching as we left the terminal. Grateful today, and especially grateful for this family and so happy he is home for good. Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography.