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Malibu Pier by Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography

It is personal. I am attached. To my images. They say it is not personal…and you shouldn’t get attached, but it is, and I am.  I want to publish all of them from 2013. In going through each session, and picking my very favorites to share, I got stuck.  On Kate.  Her personality and her sweet mom and dad.  She was a runner (normal for a two year old) thankfully we had time, patience, a lollipop and the pier to keep her somewhat contained. We made a special trip out to the Malibu Pier for “beach photos” because this is where mom, Jamie, co-owner of SugarPaper and dad, Evan, cool-cat, funny, smart guy got married. In conclusion, I had to share more than just one and thank my sweet friends for having me out to California for family photos. Love you guys, Jen. Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale photographer who loves to travel to California to photograph her friends and sweet clients. Malibu Pier

by Jen Wilbur