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family adventure sessions, Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale, AZ

I have been wanting to do this for a long time…and maybe have been doing it without realizing it…photographing family adventures. The most wonderful part about the adventure part is that the possibilities are endless. What adventure means to you may be so different from what adventure means to someone else. Adventure to me is doing something new…it fills my soul to find new places or do new things and it only makes it better when I am doing it with loved ones.



Merriam-Webster defines adventure:


 noun \əd-ˈven-chər\

Full Definition of ADVENTURE

:  an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks 


:  the encountering of risks  

:  an exciting or remarkable experience

Hopefully, I can leave out the danger aspect of adventure…but having “an exciting or remarkable experience” like exploring the unknown with the ones you love often brings people together. That is what I want to capture. You…coming together with your people on your adventure. This year, my goal is to capture people coming together doing what their definition of adventure is.

What is an adventure to your family?

hiking, picking wildflowers, baking a new recipe, going to your favorite coffee shop or finding a new one, exploring aisles of the library, splashing in the waves of the ocean, a surprise, touring historic parts of town, going for a bike ride, walking your dog, or maybe getting ready for school. There are our everyday adventures..and the once in a lifetime ones…both can and should be photographed…and remembered. Take me with you on your adventure.

Last week, was my first real family adventure. A hike with the adorable, loving, sweet to each other Kniffin family.  They explored and experienced something new together that hopefully brought them just a tiny bit closer. We ended back at their home to include their beloved pup, Aspen..which happen to be some of my favorite photos from the adventure session telling me that the adventure can be something new, but can be seen in the everyday. Thank you sweet Kniffin family for always trusting me with your family photos. It is always an honor. xo your friend, Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch PhotographyBlueStitch_1387BlueStitch_1392BlueStitch_1393BlueStitch_1394BlueStitch_1395BlueStitch_1396BlueStitch_1388BlueStitch_1389BlueStitch_1390BlueStitch_1391