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going to miss the chaos one day, Jen Wilbur, Scottsdale family photographer

I am not sure what comes first. A patient person or children who make you patient. Gretchen’s patience with these beautiful children was wonderful to be around. Calm and happy the whole time… (dad was great too). And that is one of the reasons that makes fellow family photographer good at what she does. Her patience..and sweetness. I loved photographing these guys out in the McDowell Mountains.  Taking your family out to a new place, and having an experience together is what makes these family photo sessions so special. Memorable. So my advice…be patient with the kids. Let’s explore, and collect sticks. If they need a little break, take it…have fun with them…hug them…laugh if they do something funny…pay attention to their ideas, and appreciate a little chaos, because one day, we are really going to miss the chaos. Thank you so much Gretchen, Ryan and three of the sweetest little guys in town. I hope you enjoyed being on the other side of the camera, Gretchen! xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale family photographer