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About the Artist

Scottsdale, Arizona based photographer, Jen Wilbur
A little about Jen. Known to “beat to the rhythm of her own drum” her “dream job” was to become a travel photographer. As a teen, she subscribed to Arizona Highways magazine, and collected National Geographics. She covered the walls of her room with photographs of children from United Colors of Benetton ad campaigns.
In college, Jen volunteered working with kids in under-resourced areas, recruited for Teach for America, and spent her summers and spring breaks teaching summer camps and English abroad to allow her to work with kids, explore, see, and fully experience different parts of our beautiful country and world. Jen didn’t have a plan, but took life one day at a time. She knew she had a gift of working well with all types of people, loved to travel, and she was constantly inspired by the world and people around her. Jen earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the U of A to become a school counselor. She hoped she could inspire others to go after their dreams. She spent most of her time studying at the Center for Creative Photography library and museum where she took many breaks to “study” the stunning photography that passed through the museum. Any open electives in her formal education were dedicated to art, photography and photo-journalism, but she never knew she could follow her own dream of being a photographer. Until last summer.
After years of encouraging children and other people to follow their dreams, and five years being a stay at home mom with her two firecracker daughters, Jen decided to go for her dream.  Over the past year, with the amazing support of her  husband, Carey, and wonderful family and friends, she has poured her heart and energy into learning, practicing and developing a natural and real style of photography.   She formally launches Blue Stitch Photography in the fall of 2012. Jen combines her creative eye, patient personality, experience of working with kids, passion for exploring new places, and unique way of seeing things to create beautiful photographs and to capture LIFE.
Formally introducing …Blue Stitch Photograhy…by Jen Wilbur…photographing LIFE.
Because “the best is yet to come.”