When I found out two of my families that I photograph were going camping together, just over an hour and half away, it was an easy choice to talk them into their photo sessions while camping. They found spots just north of Payson, Arizona, along Christopher Creek…mid October and mid-week. The weather was perfect and some of the trees were starting to change. My sweet husband came with me…and we turned it into our own little get-away. Here are a few favorites from this sweet family session. Thank you Eunice! xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch PhotographyBlueStitch_1902BlueStitch_1903BlueStitch_1904BlueStitch_1905BlueStitch_1906BlueStitch_1907

Here is a peek at a recent extended family session.  Family from across the country flew in to Scottsdale, rented a beautiful home where they could all stay together, and celebrated mom’s 70th birthday with a photo shoot, and chef to make a dinner they could enjoy together at their home. Smart…very smart. If you have family coming to town this Thanksgiving, let me know…I saved a few golden hours for extended family sessions on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of Thanksgiving 4:15-5:15 pm. Jen@bluestitchphotography.com to reserve your date. Thanks friends! xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale family photographer


update! all mini sessions are full! Please email me if you would like to schedule a full hour session. jen@bluestitchphotography.com

2015 Blue Stitch Photography’s fall mini session dates are set!  I have picked my favorite Scottsdale, AZ locations at my favorite times of day to photograph your family. If you are an early bird, I have planned one morning mini session date in downtown Phoenix. Mini sessions include up to 5 immediate family members ($25 each additional member).  To reserve your time, please email or text me your requested date. In order to save your date, I will email you the details of your session in a request for deposit ($100) to be paid 3 days from booking. Remaining balance is due the day of your session. You will also receive an email of outfit suggestions and what to expect from a mini session.

Need more time, a different location or date? Full hour family sessions are available as well…please see here for details and booking info for full hour sessions. www.bluestitchphotgraphy.com.

Your mini sessions will last 30 min, please plan to arrive 10 min. early. Your session fee includes an online viewing gallery and 4 digital files of your choice. You can expect your gallery sent to you via email 2 weeks from session date. This gallery will be live for you to make your included selection for 2 weeks. Additional files and prints can be purchased from your online gallery during the two week selection period. I look forward to a great fall season! xo Jen Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale, AZ family photographer.

LOCATION                                              DATE/Time      


McDowell Mountain Preserve            Sunday, October 11th

4:15 p.m. reserved

5:00 reserved

The Sweet Life Garden (Arcadia)      Tuesday, October 13th 

4:40 p.m. reserved

5:20 reserved

McDowell Mountain Preserve            Sunday, October 25th

4:00 p.m. reserved

4:45 reserved

The Simple Farm                                 Wednesday, October 28th

4:20 p.m reserved

5:00 p.m. reserved

Downtown Phoenix                             Sunday, November 1st  

7:30 a.m. reserved

8:15 a.m reserved

9:00 a.m reserved

The Simple Farm                                 Monday, November 2nd      

4:20 p.m reserved

5:00 p.m. reserved

Old Town Scottsdale                               Sunday, November 8th

4:30 p.m. reserved

5:15 reserved

McDowell Mountain Preserve            Monday, November 16

4:00 p.m. reserved

4:45 reserved

The Simple Farm                                 Sunday, December 6th

4:20 p.m reserved

4:45 p.m. reserved



This adorable family. They came together from across the country to celebrate their mom’s/grandmother’s 80th birthday. They booked rooms at the beautiful Princess Resort in Scottsdale. They got ready an hour early for dinner on Saturday, to meet me for family photos. These are my most favorite photos from childhood. The ones with my cousins and grandparents. They are a special unit of people…before they run off and get married and have kids of their own. We picked two spots for photos on opposite ends of the resort…making for a little adventure. I had so much fun corralling this family of 18. So happy you found me for your family photos! xo Jen Wilbur, Scottsdale, AZ photographer, Blue Stitch Photography

As promised, more from this beautiful bathroom design by Amanda Montemore of Martin Grace Interiors, in Scottsdale, AZ. I love working with Amanda, photographing her completed projects around town. Her clients do too. She is professional, creative and so wonderful to be around. No detail was forgotten. The tile and trim work was perfect…beyond her design work, she knows how to find the best people to complete the job. Congratulations on this beautiful space…I just had to share. xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale Photographer

Meet Jaxon. Baby brother to one of the sweetest big brothers I know. We photographed Jaxon at his brand new house in Scottsdale…and were lucky with a rainy morning that cleared just in time to walk down the street to a beautiful wash. A place to gather sticks, throw rocks in the water…and take some beautiful first family of four photos for this family. Congratulations to Chrissy, Tommy and Kade. He is beautiful and I can’t wait to watch these boys grow up. Love, your friend, Jen Wilbur, Scottsdale family Photographer

I am not sure what comes first. A patient person or children who make you patient. Gretchen’s patience with these beautiful children was wonderful to be around. Calm and happy the whole time… (dad was great too). And that is one of the reasons that makes fellow family photographer good at what she does. Her patience..and sweetness. I loved photographing these guys out in the McDowell Mountains.  Taking your family out to a new place, and having an experience together is what makes these family photo sessions so special. Memorable. So my advice…be patient with the kids. Let’s explore, and collect sticks. If they need a little break, take it…have fun with them…hug them…laugh if they do something funny…pay attention to their ideas, and appreciate a little chaos, because one day, we are really going to miss the chaos. Thank you so much Gretchen, Ryan and three of the sweetest little guys in town. I hope you enjoyed being on the other side of the camera, Gretchen! xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale family photographer

I have the great privileged of photographing mom. That is probably you if you are reading my little blog. But more importantly mom with her child. As our relationship with our children change and grow…so does how we are photographed with them. They first fit in our arms, then holding our hands…and giving us great big hugs…and maybe crowding us a little at times…then they need their space…until they are by our side fully grown…each stage flying by so fast. My job is to capture a small part of that for you to hold on to forever. Freezing time. Hope all of your littles were extra sweet to you yesterday. And that you took a lot of photos with them. Happy Mother’s Day 2015. I love photographing mom. Love, Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale PhotographerBlueStitch_1628BlueStitch_1629

This is my dream job. Working with kids. Exploring new places, creating beautiful images…freezing time. There really is so much individuality in each child making every session a new little story that I get to write through images.

Blue Stitch spring mini sessions were last weekend…and most of them were spread out over the past week due to the unusual and beautiful rainy weather we had here. Except…Sunday morning…was the perfect morning to be in downtown Phoenix. I love the “Ain’t Life Grand” mural downtown. Becoming a classic downtown icon, it is the perfect backdrop for photos. Loved photographing this family again…and am so thankful I get to make my dream job a reality. xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale PhotographerT

I love the direction weddings are going in. Or at least the ones I have been drawn to. More hand-made, meaningful details. Backyards are beating out ballrooms. We are embracing simplicity and meaning.

Laurie and Justin took simple and meaningful to the next level with their wedding ceremony at the Simple Farm in Scottsdale last week. I received a text about a week prior to their ceremony date from Laurie, who is the “experience coordinator” at the farm, asking if I was available to photograph them. (Yes!) It would be just the two of them, Michael, Lylah and their moms. Their wedding vows were texted to Michael, their officiant and friend, the day of their ceremony. They dug holes that day to plant trees for the farm. As a part of the ceremony, Michael noted that like those holes dug that day, some parts of marriage were going to be easy and effortless, but some of it was going to take a lot of hard work. He said to work at your marriage. Their moms flew out to witness their children exchange vows. No flowers were arranged, picked or held, but they were surrounded by what was growing at the Farm. It was real. It was meaningful. And it was perfect. And they had a little visit from the baby goats while we were taking photos…to complete their perfect little wedding ceremony at the Simple Farm in Scottsdale, photographed by Blue Stitch Photography, Jen Wilbur, the (occasional wedding) photographer in Scottsdale. I am grateful to be a part of that special wedding. Thank you Laurie and Justin! #simplefarmphotographer, #scottsdalephotographer, #azphotographer

new springAs promised…Spring Mini Session are happening this year!

What: 30 min mini sessions

Who…kids and immediate family  (up to five people/$25 each for additionals)

Where…Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ. Some of my favorite spots around town! a field, downtown and desert trail.

When: 6 time slots

Saturday, April 25th

5:30…………………………field reserved!

6:15………………………….field reserved!

Sunday, April 26th

8:15 a.m….downtown Phoenix reserved!

9:00 a.m…..downtown Phoenix reserved!

5:30 p.m………….desert canyon or desert wash

6:15 p.m…………desert canyon or desert wash

Why…because I love photographing your family. The weather is perfect. Life is moving fast.

Your choices:

Package 1. 30 min session choice of 5 print-ready digital photos. $250

*additional images may be purchased individually.

Package 2.  30 min session and all print ready digital files included (approximately 40). $350

Files are delivered digitally via online gallery 2-3 weeks from your session date.

To book, please email me the time slot, package you would like, and how many members in your family. Jen@bluestitchphotography.com. I will send you a request for your $100 deposit online to save your date. Final payment is due on the session date.

Looking forward to photographing you!! Happy Spring! xo Jen Wilbur, Blue Stitch Photography, Scottsdale, AZ